Job Opening for Software engineers at Core Zee.

Job Opening for Software engineers at Core Zee. 

CoreZee is the offshore SW development house of a major Network Software company. Developing Networking and Security Software for high speed networks and a variety of embedded systems.


Job Description:

Software Developers with extensive background in any Programming language are needed for Embedded Software. (Preferred C-Language)

Majority of our software development is at systems level. Involving kernels, drivers etc. (Prefer Linux exposure).

Programming Languages

C (or any other language)


Software Development Tools (Compilers, Linkers, Debuggers, Editors)

Embedded Software

Interface Protocols & Standards

Ethernet, ARP, IPv4, UDP, TCP,HTTP, SSL etc.

Operating Systems

Linux, FreeBSD (any BSD), RTOS (OpenRTOS, FreeRTOS, ucLinux, Neutrino, VxWorks etc.), etc.

Interested candidates can apply at [email protected]

Note: This is a Karachi based job, candidates from all over Pakistan can apply.


HR Officer

CoreZee Technologies