Emumba- Hiring Talented Frontend/Backend Engineers – Lahore

We are looking to hire talented and sharp engineers of UET Lahore to add to our team. We aim to hire Senior React and Senior NodeJs Engineers with work experience of 4+ years. We would appreciate it if you could,
  1. Share the job posts on university job portals/social media
  2. Email the alumni about the vacancy with the details mentioned below

About Emumba

Emumba is a US based software house composed of silicon valley veterans and seasoned engineering managers. We’ve strived to create a great culture around the principles of freedom, and the relentless pursuit of excellence and growth.  With multiple international clients like Salesforce and Microsoft, Emumba is delving into cutting-edge technologies like stream data processing, orchestration systems, data pipelines, microservices. We have an engineering team of more than 200 employees and are looking to expand further with a new office in Lahore. Our engineering managers have been leading the team for more than half a decade now, delving into cutting-edge technologies like high-quality Frontend Cross-platform applications.

We’re looking to hire high-quality, talented technical engineers for multiple positions and if this opportunity sounds like something you’d like to consider, please use the following links to apply: