InvoZone: Free Introductory Workshop of BlockChain and Ruby on Rails on 14 and 15, May 2022

Two-Days Free Introductory Workshops on BlockChain and Ruby on Rails for students of your prestigious university on 14 and 15, May 2022 at InvoZone.The Free Introductory Workshops have been designed for I.T graduates\students to learn much more about programming even before joining the workforce. InvoZone is conducting sessions on advanced technologies to enhance and hone the skill sets of the abundant technical talent of the country, building on individual growth and improvement. It also intends to bring international technology events home through webinars and introductory sessions.
Our very own seasoned professionals will conduct introductory sessions and train great minds to think and lead in this post-digital world.
We have the Vision to bridge the gap between university students and the practical IT industry by organizing boot camp sessions, but it cannot be done without the sheer support of the university.Please find attached the Free Introductory Programs brochures and a Registration link for circulation.

Registration Link: