Job Application- Hiring for the position of Associate Product Marketer

Hiring for the position of Associate Product Marketer
Mindstorm Studios,we are actively searching for dynamic and ambitious individuals to join our team for the position of Associate Product Marketer. 
Candidates who are Recent Graduates/ Alumni with a Business and Management Sciences, Computer Science,Stats, Accounting and Finance and Economics background are encouraged to apply.  Someone who possesses strong analytical skills and a passion for data driven marketing and can work in a fast paced, creative and collaborative environment, we believe you could be the perfect fit for this role.
Please find attached the link to the Job Application form and reach out to the potential candidates by circulating it in your respective departments. Help us spread the word about this exciting opportunity to your students. There is a post as well for you to forward and circulate for maximum responses.
The last day to apply for this position is 22nd January, 2024. 
Application Process:
1. Complete the application form provided in the caption below and get yourself registered:
2. Upon submitting the application, you will receive a case study to work on your email.
3. Solve the case study within the next 7 days and attach your solution to the following link: