Job Opportunity

Job Opportunity

Enrichers Investment Group (EIG), a leading investment company in
Pakistan, is excited to offer a promising collaboration with The
University of Engineering and Technology (UET). We seek access to the
most recent Graduate Directory for students from the following programs:

M.Sc. Community Development & Environmental Management
MS Management

Introductory Video:

EIG provides diverse investment opportunities in niche markets,
including financial services, physical trade, real estate, agriculture,
and hospitality & tourism. These sectors closely align with the
skillsets and interests of your graduates, making EIG an ideal partner
for exploring diverse career paths.

Our core mission is to empower individuals through various aspects of
professional development. We adhere to the highest data security and
privacy standards, using information solely for career support and
maintaining strict confidentiality. To enable this impactful
collaboration, we kindly request access to the following information for
recent graduates:

Full name
Email address
Phone number
Field of study

We believe this collaboration will offer significant benefits for both
parties. We are eager to discuss this collaboration further and answer
any questions you might have.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to working
with you to support the career aspirations of your graduates.

Official website: