Job Opportunity Mechanical Engineers

Position Snapshot

Location: Port Qasim Factory
Job type: Shifts based Position
Qualification: Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering
Experience: 1-3 years of experience
Position Summary

Responsible for ensuring competent maintenance management and execution, and to lead the implementation and execution of the factory asset maintenance programme aimed to eliminate unplanned stops and optimize maintenance cost and as a result increase asset intensity. Drives Filling & Packing equipment maintenance, investments and improvement projects in collaboration with R&D and key suppliers. Provides professional support with special emphasis on the optimal use and performance of filling & packaging machines, and on capital investment.


A day in the life of…

  •  Establish and control maintenance routines to ensure that maintenance activities are scheduled and executed in time with high quality
    •    Lead implementation of the maintenance methodologies across filling and packaging machines. Coach and promote breakdown analysis
    •    Ensures availability of maintenance resources to implement and execute maintenance routines and methodologies. Provide input for annual maintenance budget. Report and track maintenance budget according to guidelines. Analyze over/under spending and put in place corrective actions
    •    Create and manage competence building plan (CBP) for the team. Organize technical training program for all factory maintenance staff
    •    Build up maintenance methodologies competencies within Engineering, on the topics from Roles and Responsibilities matrix
    •    Support the implementation AM & PM pillar methodologies. Coordinate production support to eliminate quality defects, safety risks and chronic technical issues
    •    Responsible to link production and engineering, by being an active member of the Local committee.  Ensure development of competencies & disseminate packaging best practices and knowledge at factories (e.g. “One Point Lessons”).  Source & utilize training materials available within the Group (or develop training materials as appropriate)

What will make you successful

  •  Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering with 2-3 years of experience in the technical field, preferably in a food manufacturing or consumer goods industry as maintenance engineer
    •    Operational experience: In Filling & Packing operation, maintenance or machine manufacturing
    •    Personnel Supervisory experience (with technical teams and contractors, suppliers or other 3rd parties)
    •    Participation in multi-disciplinary teams aiming at process or packing optimization
    •    Work following defined indicators/Objectives, and proactively tracking them